Wilson Team Racquet Bag (3-Pack) Review

This Wilson team 3 pack bag is amazingly perfect for spirited and frivolous tennis players. It has the ability to carry three rackets and has enough space to store other necessary items. There are two racket compartments, each of which can hold three rackets. Wilson offers bags for all kind of players and the designs are inimitably functional.

Bag Material & Bag Design

This Wilson Team Racquet Bag is built from manmade Nylon and is available in vibrant colors (Gunmetal, grey and Red). The material makes it look beautiful, striking and reliable at the same time. It is easy to carry with a lightweight of 5.5 and it measures 30*13.5*5. Players love using this bag because the material with which it is made, lasts for a longer period of time. Whether you are a female or male, it will only add glamour to your style. Besides being highly functional, this piece is fashionable too.

Wilson Team Racquet Bag (3-Pack) Review - Best Tennis Bags Reviews

How Many Rackets Can Be Stored?

It has ample space and the adjustable and padded shoulder strap incorporated there in makes it simpler to carry. As the shoulder strap is modifiable you can easily adjust it to suit your size. There is one large compartment which can accommodate three racquets and one large sized accessory packet at one side of the bag which can hold valuables and equipments.

Storage Space

This wilson tennis racquet bag is so remarkably designed that the players can easily store everything they will need to carry with them for the game. The backpack straps make it even more useful. You can even attach some hooks to the strap and you can easily hang it onto the fence while you are on the playground. Whereas the main large compartment can hold up to about three tennis racquets, the large accessory pocket is conveniently designed to carry other equipments. Additionally, there are small accessory pockets which ensure the security of your valuables. This can be the best choice for you if you are looking for a collection of features including good looks.

Lightweight & Comfortable To Carry

With a dimension of 30*13.5*5 (L*H*W) and with a weight of 5.5, this super functional bag is lightweight and you can easily carry it with you wherever you want. In spite of being able to carry everything from your racquets to other accessories and valuables, you will not need to put yourself into exhaustion to hold it in your hand. This is one most significant reason that most players love this wilson tennis racket bag (3-Pack), Gunmetal/Red. It doesn’t matter whether you are an enthusiastic player or a beginner you are definitely going to love this bag for its functionalities and the ease it offers because of its light weight. It’s comfort made this bag superficial than other tennis bags.

  • It will be extremely helpful in carrying everything you need.
  • The one large compartment enables you to store 3 racquets and if you do not have that many racquets, then you can use that space to carry clothes or a towel.
  • There is ample space to carry other accessories that you will need in the game.
  • Furthermore, there is an external space which will help to carry your keys and wallets securely.

  • This wilson team 3 pack tennis bag is particularly suitable for occasional players who play few times in a month or for those who are new to the game.

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