Which Is Better One-Handed Or Two-Handed Backhand

Everyone who plays tennis has heard this debate before. The tennis racquet holding style or playing style can makes the big diffrence in your game. The two-hander gives you more power & The one-hander is more versatile. Tennis one handed backhand technique is a popular in all players. There are a million other reasons people use to back up their argument for one or the other.

Two Hands Are Better Than One

When teaching beginners and children, I have to admit I almost exclusively teach the two-handed backhand technique. It’s partly because it is easier to pick up faster, and partly because most of the time strength is an issue for these players. That’s the main argument I have always heard for two hands added strength. This is true, and it has changed the game to the extent that far more players on TV now use a two-hander than a one-hander. But I still think that it is only a marginal difference, the strength we refer to is only a huge benefit in the very beginning of a players development. Later on with more advanced players one handers seem to hit the ball just as hard as their two-handed counterparts.

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One Is The Loneliest Number

I did confess to teaching almost everyone a two-handed backhand, but there is a catch. I only hit a one-hander. The players I grew up idolizing only hit one hander and of course I had to do the same as they did. While this did leave me at a disadvantage in my younger years, it has become my greatest strength on the court now. The added strength I could have used earlier on came to me in the form of swing speed, and ability to use my body instead of my arm to hit. The only argument that is almost always used to justify one hander is the versatility. This is true, it is easier to slice, drive, and roll a ball using one hand (try slicing using two hands, not impossible but hard), but most two-handers can switch to one hand to hit a slice.

Which Is Better?

Neither. If I was teaching someone who couldn’t decide, I would merely ask them which one they “wanted” to hit. Which usually boils down to who their favorite player is, or which one they think is cooler. Anyone who claims that they can give you definitive reasons that one version is better than the other probably had no clue what they are talking about.

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