Which Tennis Racket Is Best For Beginner

Tennis was a game that was originally played by monastic monks in the 14th century. Sometime around the year 1336, monasteries all over France and Spain began playing a game called Teniz. The perfect tennis rackets were made out of a wood frame with reeds used as the center mesh, and the ball was made out of leather. A few years later, the game was adopted by the French nobility and turned into a sport for kings. It took around three hundred years before the commoners played Teniz, and in the 17th century, was renamed Tennis. By this time, most tennis rackets either had a wood or ivory frame, with a tightly woven cloth mesh, which allowed for more control and bounces when hitting the ball. The ball was made out of a fibrous material, allowing for a steady bounce, and the ability to add spin.

Best Tennis Racquet For Beginners

Best Tennis Racquet For Beginners

Now, in the 21st century, tennis is a game that can be enjoyed by any age group. Children have started playing as little as age four, while others have picked up the game later in life. The sport itself is just as fun to play casually as professionally, offering a wide range of skill levels.  Being able to make split second decisions, and tell your arm, wrist and hand to follow through with that decision, makes tennis a fast paced game. Tennis is a great way to enhance you thought to process power over time and be able to make those quick, accurate decisions. To know how hard, how much spin, what kind of spin, where to hit, how to hit, and much more, is the key to winning. After the ball is running towards the player, that player has on average, two seconds to decide all these factors.

Tied directly to thought processing speed, is reflex speed. Being able to move an arm, wrist, hand, and head in a matter of a few seconds, to react to a ball speeding in at 50-90 mph, is why reflexes are a must for tennis. If a player likes to play at the net, then reflexes are reduced to around a half second, to return the ball. Even casual play will drastically raise reflex speed over time. Playing tennis is the best way to lose weight, as you can have cardio, full body work out, that can last for hours. A player needs to run from one side of the court to the other, to and from the net, all the while swinging one or both arms. This can get tiring very quickly, and is an excellent way to stay in shape. Fun and safe, tennis will last for ages.

Types Of Racket: The type of tennis racket you buy can affect your game.  If you are totally a beginner, you should pick best tennis racquet for beginners with a large head.  That will allow you more surface area, and a larger “sweet” spot.  The smaller the head of the tennis racket, the faster the speed of the ball.  This gives you less control, and should only be used by experienced tennis players. Beginner tennis racquet is the first choice for all the new tennis players.

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