Penn Championship Extra Duty Tennis Balls Review

Penn Championship Extra Duty Tennis Balls are great for playing in hard courts. The product is made of rubber for a regular play and minimizes shock. The fuzz on the exterior part of the ball is interlocked by woolen fiber to preserve it for a longer duration. Users will find the ball nice as it does not get cracked soon. The elastic seam used in the ball minimizes the possibility of cracking. The bouncy nature of the balls is preserved for a longer duration players are often pleased when they find its bounce at the best stage even after playing for months.


  • Materials like rubber and elastic have been used to manufacture this ball. So, there is a minimum chance that the ball loses its firmness or structure or gets cracked. Elastic seams are known to reduce the chances of cracking. The quality of the ball supersedes ordinary balls.
  • These balls are durable and the bouncy nature of the ball remains good even if a player plays with it for a long period of time. With a ball like this, there is the least chance of experiencing uneven bounce.
  • The product will make a difference in the performance when a player strikes it in a hard court. A player will be able to do the best in a hard court with this ball.
  • Players have described them using the words “excellent”, “great deal”, “nice”, etc. which suggest that they are satisfied with the product.
  • These balls have numbers and the label “Penn” printed in it which makes it easier for you to find it out when it rolls to other court.
  • 77{edf68b4b0c937ae74ebeb613022ae43cb4f3d401736a63ffed5838f1f17f2b55} of the customers have rated it with 4.6 stars out of 5 stars.
  • These are decent balls that suit the personality of players.
  • The product is affordable and is a good value for money.

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