Wilson 13 Pro Staff 90 Tennis Racquet Review

While playing tennis, the tennis racquet is something that holds quite a lot of importance, in deciding the outcome of a game. After all, a perfect tennis racquet which allows one to swing it swiftly in any direction they want and at a speed that allows to hit the ball hard, is sure to give the player an upper hand in the game.

However, choosing one that actually allows one to have all these features isn’t easy, as there are a lot of tennis racquet brands in the market, most of which may turn out to be rather disappointing, despite coming with hefty price tags. The Wilson ’13 Pro Staff 90 Tennis Racquet, however, is something that stands out from the lot. It got a rating as high as 4.5 out of 5 on the Amazon site, meaning that the customers are quite happy with the quality of Wilson Tennis racquets.

Wilson 13 Pro Staff 90 Tennis Racquet

Let us take a look at what makes it such an impressive product in the segment, despite not being priced on a very higher side:

Gives the Best Feel While Holding:

It is very important for a tennis racquet to make the players feel comfortable while holding it, especially when they are supposed to play for a longer period of time. A lot of the tennis racquets on the market lacks this rather important feature, which makes them a less recommended option for both the pro and new players out there.

The Wilson Pro Staff 90 Tennis Racquet, however, comes with a legendary braided graphite construction, coupled with the new Amplifeel handle system, in order to give the players the best feel while holding it, regardless of how long they play for. This will surely turn out to be a big plus for players who usually play for longer periods at a time, as the comfortability factor is something of utmost importance during such times.

Picked By None Other Than Roger Federer:

Even those who are new to the game of tennis, know who Roger Federer is. He is quite a well known personality among tennis players throughout the world, and has given one impressive performance after another, and this is what makes his choices of tennis accessories so very valuable.

Furthermore, probably the most important of all tennis accessories is the tennis racquet. Now, as far as Roger Federer’s latest tennis racquet is concerned, you will be delighted to know that he has gone with the Wilson ’13 Pro Staff 90 Tennis Racquet. This news in itself speaks for the performance of the racquet, and should surely be considered as something one can base his decision on.

A Final Word:

The above given are just some of the most important features the Wilson ’13 Pro Staff 90 Tennis Racquet comes with. However, there are a lot more as well, and reading the positive reviews of its numerous customers is sure to reveal quite a few. With priced just around $120, and coming with the ultimate feel, control and frame design, it’s surely one of the best wilson racquet on the market, especially for the more advanced players.

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