Information About Playing Doubles Tennis

Although singles tennis seems to get the most attention, it  actually doubles tennis that attracts more players. At a non-competitive level, double is a fun pursuit, and although it is still physically demanding, you are likely to receive fewer injuries than as a singles player. As a consequence, you can enjoy doubles tennis as an older player. The first partner of every tennis player is the good tennis racquet, either its singles tennis or doubles tennis.

When Serving

About Playing Doubles Tennis Game

The court is wider for doubles players which involve two players on each team. Every player gets a service game though the order is entirely up to you. You serve as normal though many players tend to serve from a wider position on the court than as a singles player as a good wide serve can set up an easy volley for your partner. A good tip is to be aggressive after you serve and come towards the net to put pressure on your opponent since you have less of the court to cover.

As The Net Player

You line up on the other half of the court and take a position close to the net. Be prepared to crouch down to avoid being hit by a stray serve from your partner! It is important to become good at volleying the ball because this is the most common shot in doubles tennis. When your opponent returns the ball, it is likely to come to you on the volley due to your position close to the net.

Return Of Serve

One player takes up the usual return of serve position while the other holds the same position as when their partner is serving. If you are the designated serve returner, you must focus on hitting the ball away from the opponent standing near the net. This means aiming the ball back at the server. Occasionally, you can switch things up and try to hit a winner down the line past the person standing at the net. This is a risky shot, but it’s guaranteed to win the point if the ball gets past the opponent and stays in bounds.

As the net player, you should look to see if the opponent’s serve lands inside the service line and call ‘out’ when the ball misses the target. You’ll need quick reflexes when playing near the net because the ball is going to come rocketing back at you with speed. You should be good at working out the angles and keeping the ball away from the other net player.

While doubles tennis is scored in the same way as singles tennis and carries most of the same rules, it offers up a unique challenge and is a great way to build sportsmanship and team spirit.

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