How To Wash Your Tennis Shoes

After we become a tennis player, the second important thing we need the most after having tennis racquet is the best tennis shoes. Our best tennis shoes should be good looking whenever we wear them again & again. At court shoes become dirty, so to clean the tennis shoes is a crucial part of every shoe owner. As we spend, lot’s of money to buy the best tennis shoes, the same we need to spend some time to wash our perfect looking tennis shoes.

Here Are Easy Steps For Washing Your Tennis Shoes, Specifically In A Washing Machine

How To Wash Your Tennis Shoes

If you plan to wash it or brush it by hand, you may just negate any point that concerns the use of the washing machine.

  • First and foremost, unlace your shoes.
  • Wash off any excess mud or dirt that can be brushed off easily. This will foster a faster and better washing; At the same time this will keep your washing machine in good maintenance.
  • Put your shoes and shoe laces in the washing machine, along with some towels, clothings, or blankets. This way you can maintain a balance between the weight of clothing/garments and the voulme of water. At least, these materials would help in the rubbing of your shoes too as they are squeezed inside the machine. By the way, if your shoes or lace are quite expensive and very delicate, you might as well have them hand washed.
  • Add your detergent. The detergent really does the cleaning and the disinfecting. So choose well a detergent when going for a washing machine.
  • Set the water temperature to cold and then start the machine.
  • When done, take the shoes out.
  • Dry them under the sun. After a complete dry, keep it away from dust for future use. Don’t leave any spot wet, especially the inside or interior part of the shoe. This may cause your shoes to produce a foul odor once you will use it.
  • Clean them often by wiping them.

Wash them regularly, but not often. Washing them too often might destroy some parts of the shoes or cause the color to fade.

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