How To Use A Tennis Ball Machine

Tennis ball machines are the machines that will help with your tennis practicing by serving the ball to you for you to return. Just looking at a tennis ball machine would make one think that they are entirely too expensive for just anyone to own, but the truth is that you can get certain tennis ball machines for under $500.00. If you have a slightly higher budget and are looking for the best tennis ball machine on the market, then be prepared to spend in between $1000 and $5000. Tennis ball machines usually have adjustable speed settings, as low as 15 miles per hour for beginner tennis players and up to 95 miles per hour for the seasoned tennis veteran. Since the speeds on tennis ball machines are adjustable, just about anybody can utilize and have fun with them if they are used properly.

The first step in using a tennis ball machine is selecting which features you want. Using the most basic machine may only offer you a few options and features and might only allow for the ball to be served at 15 miles per hour. If you are using a slightly higher-quality, more advanced tennis ball machine, then you will have multiple options. Features such as being able to adjust the height, the interval in between serves, being able to control the spin, oscillating shot locations and adjustable speeds that can be as fast as 95 miles per hour. Depending on the machine, it may have a longer lasting battery life as well as being remote-controlled.

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The next step in operating a tennis ball machine is to set the machine up and have it serve the ball to one particular spot; the shot should be one that allows you to practice your weaker shots such as your backhand or any other shot that you have trouble with. Once you are comfortable with most of the different shots, increase the speed at which the ball is being served and switch up the intervals of each shot as well. This will be much more convenient if your tennis ball machine boasts a “random” option, which will switch up the speeds and intervals randomly as each shot is served.

Now that you have completed the first two steps try picking a particular target for you to try and hit when you return the ball. The baseline corners make great targets return too, or you could take some brightly colored traffic cones or any other item that can be used as a marker and set them up wherever you want. When the tennis ball machine serves a ball to you, try returning the ball to one of the areas you have selected as targets. If your tennis ball machine has an oscillation feature, then try using that; it will greatly increase the challenge because the ball will be served to a different location every time.

Try getting a good workout in while you are using the tennis ball machine. You can do this by setting the machine to serve the balls on as short an interval as possible. Usually, the shortest interval will be somewhere around two to three seconds which is a pretty short period in between serves. If you want to get a good, vigorous workout in then, try aiming the machine slightly higher so that you get a pretty high-bouncing serve right to mid-court which will require a bit more energy to return, meaning a better workout.

The next and last step to using your tennis ball machine is to practice on your serve returning. If you set your tennis ball machine the highest serving speed and set the height to where the ball just barely makes it over the net without hitting it, this will make an optimal setting to practice your serve returns. After getting comfortable with this, your serves will be phenomenal, and you will be ready for any competition. If your tennis ball machine happens to have an oscillation option, then try setting it to cover different areas of the tennis court for optimal serve return practice.

The perfects way to use your tennis machine the most efficient. Be aware that for a tennis ball to function, it will need tennis balls and depending on the machine, some can hold anywhere from 50 to 300 tennis balls. 300 tennis balls will run up quite a budget, so be ready to shell out some extra money for tennis balls, or you could try to get a bargain on them when you purchase your tennis ball machine. Tennis ball mowers or sweepers are also available if you do not want to spend any extra time picking up all the tennis balls after your tennis ball machine has finished serving them. So get out on the court with your tennis ball machine and have fun.

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