How To Put An Overgrip On A Tennis Racket

Learning how to put an overgrip on your favourite tennis racquet is all about practice. This seems like a simple task, but I can’t tell you how many times a day I do this for players. Most grips have a piece of double sided tape on the bottom to hold it in place, Tourna grip doesn’t and takes a bit more practice. Try to practice with the same grip, and at the end just don’t put the tape on until it’s perfect.


Why You Should Use An Overgrip

It always sounds like pros are trying to sell you something, but in this case, it’s worthwhile. Overgrips keep your original grip from wearing away and add the capability to have a new grip in a matter of minutes. Some people don’t like to put an overgrip on to add size to their original grip. I always tell these people to play around with a few different kinds or try to have someone experienced put their grip on, (I can get a grip on pretty tight so that it doesn’t change the grip size too much.) If you put an overgrip on tightly, it shouldn’t add much bulk to the grip. On the other hand, some players like to overlap their overgrips more than normal to add bulk. This can be useful in adding some cushioning to the racket as well.

How To Put An Overgrip On Your Tennis Racket

First thing, you have to take the backing off of the grip. This is usually just clear plastic, but make sure to save the tape that comes with the grip. Take the grip and start it at the bottom of the racket. Make sure that you line up the grip with the bottom of the grip. On some grips, there will be a piece of double sided tape to keep the grip in place, along with that tape some companies will have a taper on the bottom of the grip (this taper faces down.) Keep one finger on the grip when you start to wrap it around and begin to spiral up the grip slowly. It’s important to not vary the tension or the angle at which you pull the grip when you are gripping. This can lead to overlapping too much or an uneven feel.

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