How To Hit The Best Backhand In Tennis

Great tennis players all have great backhands, if you love your tennis racket & if you want to improve your backhand check out a few of these tips.

One Handed Backhand

Personally I love watching someone hit a great one handed backhand. While most players now hit a Two handed backhand, you can still see a couple of great one handers on tour (Wawrinka,Federer, and Dimitrov.)


The first and most important step in hitting a one-hander is the footwork. This shot is exceptionally easier to hit with a closed stance (turned sideways,) stepping into the ball.

The Preparation For The Shot: The shoulder should be turned just like the lower half of the body. Both hands should be on the racket during the takeback, the non-hitting hand helps with the racket takeback and can help adjust the grip.

The Swing: Low to high, focusing on the extension forward through the ball. Its important that the left hand stays back to stabilize your upper body. Remember you aren’t slapping the ball.

The Finish: Around shoulder height is ideal, I find that my wrist doesn’t turn much when hitting flat. If you want to add more spin a little more rotation is necessary.

Two Handed Backhand

By far the most popular backhand on tour. Your going to see the vast majority of club level players using two hands as well. For great examples look at Serena Williams, Nadal, and Sharapova.

The Preparation: Making sure that your hands are together on the grip, with your dominant hand on the bottom. Turn your shoulders with your racket going back at waist height.

The Swing: The deceptive part on this swing is that your left hand is doing the majority of the work. Importantly you want to keep your body from rotating out too early, the swing is a fluid motion.

The Follow Through: This is pretty standard on most two-handers, over the shoulder with the butt of the racket pointed at your target. The only variation that you will see occasionally is when some players will release their left hand late in the follow through, I’m not a hug fan of this simply because it can cause issues.

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