Head RIP Control Tennis String

Head Rip Control Tennis String is the best string that is made of synthetic and is the best for professional players. This synthetic string bears a close resemblance to natural string made of gut. So, it offers durability and a perfect combination of power and control. An outer sheath of polyolefin ribbons applied to it makes it a unique one. These tennis strings create great spin and are excellent for beginners who are looking for strings that are not too firm. The response of the string is highly elastic at the centre as it is made of nylon fibers. These nylon fibers also offer high precision, thats why these are the best tennis strings to use.


Power & Control

Excellent control is offered by the strings due to the application of polyolefin ribbons. These ribbons on the outer sheath are trimmed around the center. It is a good choice for beginners who are looking for control offered by tennis strings. Head Rip Control Tennis String offers control with precision. The texture of the strings increases the power.

Spin & Comfort

Comfort is an important aspect in any sport specifically in the sport like Tennis because the player needs to hold the racquet for a very long duration. Spin and comfort are connected to each other because the player has to ensure that the ball spins comfortably. The strings of Head Rip Control Tennis strings provide maximum spin because of the textured surface at the centre, besides providing an elastic feel. The power and control along with the spin and comfort make Head Rip Control Tennis strings one of the most preferred choices amongst the tennis players whether practitioners or experts.

Durability & Playing Duration

Tennis is majorly about the durability because the players practice for hours and it is very important that the racquet they use is highly durable so that they can play smoothly. The material used in the manufacturing of the tennis strings make it durable. The strings of Head Rip Control Tennis Strings are made of synthetic that bear resemblance to natural strings. Natural string is known for the durability it offers when a string is twisted and affixed in tennis racquets. The synthetic strings of this tennis racquets have a resemblance to natural strings and as such it has a longer durability.


The Head Rip Control Tennis Strings has good elasticity, durability and produces an enormous quantity of spin. The spin is increased by the texture of the strings at the center of the racquet. Though Head RIP control is not a traditional control string but it doesn’t mean that it is deficient in control. The best part about RIP string is that it is not stiff like the traditional control string and it has the nylon filaments which absorbs the shock. It is a great choice amongst non-poly players too because they can easily control without discomforting themselves.

  • The synthetic used in the string offers great durability.
  • As the characteristics of the strings are similar to that of natural strings, it offers great spin and playability.
  • The strings have a textured surface at the center that offers maximum spin.
  • The polyolefin ribbons applied at the center facilitates greater control and power.
  • Precision is further accentuated by the texture and pattern on the strings.
  • The thickness of the strings makes a good strike though more effort may be required to make a strike.
  • Head RIP control tennis string has the maximum benefits, but its’ low power may not suit some players who are accustomed to use the traditional racquet.

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