Hadaki Tennis Travel Tote Review

Hadaki Tennis Travel Tote is 1.1 pounds in weight and comes in variety of colors. The product dimensions are 18” X 15.8” X 6 inches. Storage compartments are large enough to store tennis gear along with extra clothes. The lively colors used in these golf bags make it fashionable. No harmful chemicals are used in the manufacturing of the bag. So, the user can feel good that the product is eco-friendly apart from being fashionable.

Bag Material & Bag Design

The material used in the manufacture of these fashionable tennis bags are environment-friendly. Chemicals like DBP or Phthalates are not used to create the beautiful bags, so that it’s one of the best designer tennis totes bags. It is a unique combination of style and quality. The colors are beautifully patterned to add attraction and elegance to the bag. Pockets are well-organized and designed to keep tennis racquets and gear in separate. It does not allow things inside to get intermingled with each other. The 11” shoulder drop matches the size and the style of the bag. It is easy to maintain, water resistant and 100{edf68b4b0c937ae74ebeb613022ae43cb4f3d401736a63ffed5838f1f17f2b55} recyclable if it gets damaged.

Hadaki Tennis Travel Tote Bag Review - Women's Tennis Bags Reviews

How Many Racquets Can Be Stored?

The bag has enough space to store two racquets in the racquet pocket. It can store two racquets easily and keep it secured for the game. For casual players and beginners a bag that stores two racquets can meet their requirements. Along with two racquets, other tennis gear can also be stored easily.

Storage Space

Hadaki Tennis Travel Tote has a main large compartment to store tennis gear and other valuables. A player can happily carry tennis racquets and gear along with spare clothes and other valuables. There are open slot pockets where you can store your sunglasses and phone on each. A big zipped pocket inside the compartment offers ample storage space. There are also pockets in the exterior that can hold your credit cards and money. Besides the small exterior pocket, there is also other a large pocket outside on the other side of the bag that holds racquet. So, it can be rightly said that Hadaki tennis tote bags offers a good storage space.

Lightweight & Comfortable To Carry

The bag comes with an 11” shoulder drop to offer the user comfort while carrying to the course. The shoulder drop grips the shoulder firmly so that the bag does not slip from your shoulder. Racquet is held firmly in the exterior pocket to ease transport. Tennis gear and other personal belongings inside the bag are kept organized inside separate compartments. Its well-organized pockets and compact design make it a comfortable tennis bag. The shipping weight of the bag is 1.1 pound. It is fashionable, comfortable and with a lot of pockets and key holders the user will find the bag comfortable.

  • The exterior pocket is designed to hold racquet firmly in the place. Racquets are protected against damage by the exterior pockets.
  • The zipped pocket, tennis ball pocket and slip pockets are featured in the bag.
  • The user can be proud that the product is eco-friendly. No AZO or Phthalate is used in the manufacturing of the product. It is also a preferred choice of many players because of the extensive quality.
  • The looks of the bag is extremely fashionable. The colors used in the product are vibrant and users are going to love it.

  • It has sufficient storage space, but would have been better if there had been an extra pocket inside for keeping water bottle.

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