Hadaki Tennis Travel Tote Luna Review

Hadaki Tennis Travel Tote Luna is a beautiful bag that stores enough racquets and other tennis gear easily. A player can take everything he/she wants to carry to the tennis court. It is compact, but has enough space that stores most of the things you want to carry with you. It has cute small pockets where you can store your sunglasses, hat, etc. It is a perfect amalgamation of fashion and quality. You can be proud that your bag is environment-friendly. The product dimensions are 18” X 15.8” X 6” and the shipping weight of the product is 1.1 pounds.

Bag Material & Bag Design

The user can be proud that the bag is eco-friendly as no DBP or Phthalates has been used in the manufacturing of the product. Its 11” shoulder drop grips the shoulder so that the user can carry it with utmost comfort. The tennis bag is water proof and requires easy maintenance. These qualities make it a durable product. Bold colors and patterns are used to give it looks to suit the personality of both professionals as well as beginners. It’s look is also good like other designer tennis totes. The user can make a style statement with a fashionable bag like this.

Hadaki Tennis Travel Tote Luna Review - Tennis Bags Reviews

How Many Racquets Can Be Stored?

Racquet pocket is in the outer part of the tennis bag. It is designed in an accurate way to hold two racquets securely in the exterior pocket. The racquets in the pocket don’t get displaced even when a player carries it and travels to and from the tennis court. The racquet holder is angled to allow a player an easy access to the racquets.

 Storage Space

Storage space is large enough to store two racquets, towels, balls, hats, drinks. The user can put his/her drink or tennis balls in the elastic pocket; it holds the stuff firmly in the place. There is a large pocket outside to store your belongings. Besides these there is a small zipped pocket in the exterior, three pockets in the interior and one of them zippered. The user can store another small bag inside the large compartment. Hadaki Tennis Travel Tote Luna is a great bag where you can store the things you want to take to the golf course and carry with delight that the product is eco-friendly.

Lightweight & Comfortable

In spite of featuring good number of pockets, the product remains light in weight and comfortable. It has a number of pockets in the interior to keep a player’s valuables and tennis gear well-organized. The materials used in the bag makes it lightweight and comfortable. The shoulder drop grips the shoulder and keeps the bag firm in its place while carrying than other hadaki tote bags. It is a luxury that can be afforded by anyone.

  • The product is highly fashionable, beautiful colors are used that makes the bag attractive. Lots of pattern choices are available and the user will certainly receive compliments from people.
  • The tennis bag is environment-friendly as no Phthalates or DBP are used.
  • There is a tennis pocket in the exterior that holds the racquets firmly so that a player can move without worrying about the racquets.
  • The bag is washable, durable and recyclable. Most of the materials used in the bag are water resistant and thus can be maintained with an easy wash.

  • It loses its structure after some time and once that is lost it becomes difficult to keep the bag stand firm.

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