Best Tennis Bags Reviews Of 2018 – Top Picks

Tired of trying to stuff all your tennis equipment into one bag? Having difficulty accessing them each time? Not to worry! The tennis racquet bag is an efficient way of accommodating all your tennis accessories in an organized manner. The professional players loves their ideal tennis racquets & they consider to store the rackets safe. They say that there is that one special bag that suits a person the best. Good Tennis Bags are designed not only according to people’s personality traits, but for every kind of use as well.  Not only does the tennis bag provide you with more space for arranging your items, it is usually more convenient to carry too.

The top rated tennis bags comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are more aesthetically pleasing than others, with the emphasis laid more on its design aspects, for the modern women. Others are bigger, and more spacious to store any extra items that the user may need to take along. Apart from these aspects, it is vital to consider factors such as the number of items to be stored, necessity of trolley wheels, and durability of the bag. There are different bag types, such as shoulder, sling and handbag, for facilitating user preferences.



  • Capacity: 6 Rackets
  • No Of Compartments: 2
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Dimensions: 29.5L * 12.9H * 9.5W (Inches)

  • Capacity: 3 Rackets
  • No Of Compartments: 1
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Dimensions: 29L * 11H * 4W (Inches)

  • Capacity: 6 Rackets
  • No Of Compartments: 2
  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Dimensions: 32L * 14H * 11W (Inches)

  • Capacity: 3 Rackets
  • No Of Compartments: 2
  • Material: Nylon
  • Dimensions: 30L * 13.5H * 5W (Inches

  • Capacity: 2 Rackets
  • No Of Compartments: 2
  • Material: 20% Polyester, 49% Nylon & 31% Foam
  • Dimensions: 15L * 15H * 5W (Inches)



Babolat Club Line X6 Racquet Holder Bag

Babolat club line x6 racquet holder bag has one shoulder strap and one-hand strap that make it matchless. The product is available in attractive colors and there is enough space to store racquets along with other valuables. The user can store items, like wrist belts, hair bands, etc. in the small front pocket. It is light in weight, comfortable and is available at an affordable price. Read more

Best Babolat Club Line X6 Tennis Racquet Holder Bag

  • It comes with options in colors like red, blue, pink and black/yellow. There is enough space to store racquets, balls, towels and water bottles.
  • The product features single hand strap and single shoulder strap to provide the user the best comfort while carrying the bag.
  • The bag is a good value for money. The things inside the babolat 6 racket bag remain dry even if the outer part gets wet.
  • The looks of the bag is pretty and the contrasting colors used make it even sharper in looks.

  • There is one main compartment which holds all the items, so it is likely that things get intermingled with each other.


Head Core 3R Pro Tennis Bag

The Head Core 3R Pro Tennis Bag is ideal for players who are looking for a bag which can carry their tennis essentials with them. It is perfect for a club match or an evening training session. There are two compartments the main large compartment can hold up to three racquets while the smaller outer accessory pocket can easily hold personal items securely. The bag also has dual carrying options-a top haul handle and two padded and adjustable shoulder straps. Read more

Head Core 3R Pro Tennis Bag Reviews

  • It is stylish, comes with a compact design and can hold up to three racquets.
  • The bag is easy to use with a zippered pocket on the side to keep accessories and other small personal items.
  • The adjustable shoulder straps and carry handles make transportation easier.
  • It is affordable and durable.

  • Most of the customers are happy with the head core pro 3 racket bag compared to its cost though some wanted more padding in the bag.


Adidas Barricade IV Tour 3 Racquet Bag

Adidas Barricade IV Tour 3 Racquet Bag is available in different colors like white, black and scarlet. As this bag is made of Polyester, it is light in weight and can store up to three racquets. Good number of pockets is available to store tennis equipment and other valuables. It is designed to offer comfort, its padded shoulder strap and carry handle make carrying the bag easier. Read more

Adidas Barricade IV Tour 3 Racquet Bag Review - Best Tennis Bags

  • It is a durable bag with a warranty for a lifetime. So the user doesn’t have to reconsider the product before purchasing.
  • Your valuables inside the bag remain dry because of the freshPAK separate and ventilated compartments.
  • Each compartment is separated nicely and every care has been taken that things don’t mess with each other.
  • The adidas barricade IV tour 3 bag is available in attractive colors, the black, white and the scarlet ones have beautiful shades.
  • Padded shoulder strap and handle to carry or drag the bag with utmost comfort.

  • The bag has enough space, but the user may jam the bag if he/she wants to carry extra pair of clothing.


Babolat Pure Drive (6-Pack) Tennis Bag

Babolat Pure Drive 6 Bag is a medium-sized racquet bag that combines high-tech design with latest features. It has two different compartments, a capacity to hold up to six racquets, padded frame for additional protection of racquets, good space for clothes and other accessories, and Isothermal pocket with Foam-Padded Ergonomic handle for easier carrying. Read more

Babolat Pure Drive (6-Pack) Tennis Bag Review - Best Tennis Bags Reviews

  • It is a good size bag and has ample storage space for warms ups, towels, balls, tape etc.
  • The zipper pockets are strategically placed and can hold many items.
  • If someone is carrying a lesser number of racquets, the insulated lined compartment can be used for carrying snack and drinks to the court.
  • It is well-constructed and very durable.

  • Some people found it bit difficult to put all six racquets but most of them were happy with the storage space.


Wilson Team Racquet Bag (3-Pack)

This Wilson team 3 pack bag is amazingly perfect for spirited and frivolous tennis players. It has the ability to carry three rackets and has enough space to store other necessary items. There are two racket compartments, each of which can hold three rackets. Wilson offers bags for all kind of players and the designs are inimitably functional. Read more

Wilson Team Racquet Bag (3-Pack) Review - Best Tennis Bags Reviews

  • It will be extremely helpful in carrying everything you need.
  • The one large compartment enables you to store 3 racquets and if you do not have that many racquets, then you can use that space to carry clothes or a towel.
  • There is ample space to carry other accessories that you will need in the game.
  • Furthermore, there is an external space which will help to carry your keys and wallets securely.

  • This wilson team 3 pack tennis bag is particularly suitable for occasional players who play few times in a month or for those who are new to the game.


Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Racquet Holder Bag

This BABOLAT Pure Aero Tennis Racquet Holder Bag Yellow has all the functions which are necessary to ensure best possible resource fulness and equipment protection. It is designed with a whole host of features and space to carry your belongings like shoes, clothes and other necessary equipment. It has ventilated compartments to carry clothes and isothermal pockets which prevent string tension loss. Besides this, they look perfectly excellent for a longer period of time. Read more

Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Racquet Holder Bag Yellow 12, 9, 6, 3 Review - Best Tennis Bags

  • You can carry three racquets on each side.
  • It looks great and if you do not have too much stuff, it can be a perfect option for you.
  • The bag looks flamboyantly great and it has the capability to hold all your tennis gears.
  • It has plenty of space for holding everything and has separated pockets for all purposes and also the amazing quality of the material it is made from makes it one of the most preferred choices of most players.

  • You cannot put any extra racquet in the central portion as it isn’t large enough and is divided into two parts.


Adidas Barricade II Tennis Racquet Backpack

Adidas Barricade II Tennis Racquet Backpack is one of the most versatile tennis backpack available in the market. It has an exclusive back panel construction and can hold up to two racquets. The bag has a separate ventilated compartment for keeping shoes, mesh pocket for water bottle or extra balls, a tricot-lined media pocket, an internal mesh pocket, an organizer, Barricade and Adidas logo, and die-cut shoulder straps constructed with LoadSpring and ClimaCool technology.

Read more

Adidas Barricade II Tennis Racquet Backpack Review - Tennis Racquet Center

  • It is very lightweight, compact and comfortable to carry.
  • There is plenty of space to keep tennis racquets and other items and the pockets are sized well.
  • The side mesh pocket for the water bottle is deep enough and can easily store various sized water bottle easily.
  • It is nicely designed and durable.

  • A very big size shoe might not fit into the shoe tunnel of the bag.


Hadaki Tennis Travel Tote Bag

Hadaki Tennis Travel Tote is 1.1 pounds in weight and comes in variety of colors. The product dimensions are 18” X 15.8” X 6 inches. Storage compartments are large enough to store tennis gear along with extra clothes. The lively colors used in these golf bags make it fashionable. No harmful chemicals are used in the manufacturing of the bag. So, the user can feel good that the product is eco-friendly apart from being fashionable. Read more

Hadaki Tennis Travel Tote Bag Review - Women's Tennis Bags Reviews

  • The exterior pocket is designed to hold racquet firmly in the place. Racquets are protected against damage by the exterior pockets.
  • The zipped pocket, tennis ball pocket and slip pockets are featured in the bag.
  • The user can be proud that the product is eco-friendly. No AZO or Phthalate is used in the manufacturing of the product. It is also a preferred choice of many players because of the extensive quality.
  • The looks of the bag is extremely fashionable. The colors used in the product are vibrant and users are going to love it.

  • It has sufficient storage space, but would have been better if there had been an extra pocket inside for keeping water bottle.


Cinda B Tennis Tote II Bag

Cinda b Tennis Tote II is made in the United States. This product is made to meet all the expectations of the users. Nylon used in the manufacturing of the bag makes it lightweight and durable. This bag is water and stain resistant and can be washed in machine. Cina b offers a range of color options that are attractive. The shipping weight of the product is 1.5 pounds. Read more

Cinda B Tennis Tote II Bag Review - Best Women's Tennis Bags

  • It comes with options in colors; some of the attractive colors are Bora, Neptune, Jet Set Black, Verde Bonita, Calypso, Stained Glass and Python.
  • This bag is a durable one and is water and stain proof. It can be washed in washing machines, so you don’t have to bother about the way to clean it.
  • There is ample space for storing shoes, clothes and other things. There are two zipped pockets and two side pockets that can store the things you want to carry with you.
  • Materials like Polyester and Nylon used to create the product makes it lightweight and comfortable.

  • Lighter colors fade away soon and the bags look dirty. It is suggested to buy darker colored bags that maintain an elegant looks.


Hadaki Tennis Travel Tote Luna

Hadaki Tennis Travel Tote Luna is a beautiful bag that stores enough racquets and other tennis gear easily. A player can take everything he/she wants to carry to the tennis court. It is compact, but has enough space that stores most of the things you want to carry with you. It has cute small pockets where you can store your sunglasses, hat, etc. It is a perfect amalgamation of fashion and quality. You can be proud that your bag is environment-friendly. The product dimensions are 18” X 15.8” X 6” and the shipping weight of the product is 1.1 pounds. Read more

Hadaki Tennis Travel Tote Luna Review - Tennis Bags Reviews

  • The product is highly fashionable, beautiful colors are used that makes the bag attractive. Lots of pattern choices are available and the user will certainly receive compliments from people.
  • The tennis bag is environment-friendly as no Phthalates or DBP are used.
  • There is a tennis pocket in the exterior that holds the racquets firmly so that a player can move without worrying about the racquets.
  • The bag is washable, durable and recyclable. Most of the materials used in the bag are water resistant and thus can be maintained with an easy wash.

  • It loses its structure after some time and once that is lost it becomes difficult to keep the bag stand firm.

Choosing The Best Tennis Bags On The Market

Why Do You Need A Tennis Racquet Bag?

If you are interested in tennis and have invested a good amount in buying racquets, balls and other equipment, you are probably looking for a bag that will best hold all of your items in a well organized manner. Among the factors to consider while choosing a tennis racquet bag are:

  • Storage Space: Varies depending on the number of items you carry in the bag.
  • Durability: A bag with a longer life time is better, to avoid re purchasing a bag in the future.
  • Style: Go for the bag that best suits your personality and requirements.

Other factors such as brand, protection for the equipment to carry may also be important, depending on your priorities.


Designer Tennis Racquet Bag Vs Normal Sports Bag

‘To each, its own’, goes a popular adage. In today’s world of sports-friendly, fashion-conscious, and trendy people, this adage can be said to be followed seriously. Designer Tennis Racquet Bags, offering luxury with utility, is a prime example.

Although one could also use common sports bags to carry the necessary equipment for tennis; the designer tennis racquet bags offer unmatched style and safety to your equipment. A normal sports bag is either cylindrical shaped or with a single long compartment consisting of small pockets for tennis accessories and personal items. The designer tennis racquet bag in addition to holding racquets and tennis accessories comes with a unique cosmetic case that can easily hold different small items. They come in a variety of designs, styles, patterns and shapes offering functionality combined with beauty.


What Is The Best Tennis Racquet Bag For You?

Firstly, do check all the items that you would need to carry in your bag. Is it going to be just your racquet and tennis balls? Or is it going to be a whole range of stuff from extra dresses and towels to hand sanitizers and carbohydrate drinks? It is probably wise to buy a bag that would comfortably fit all of your necessities, even extra items that might be required in a game such as grip reels and equipments for warm up exercises, such as jump ropes and foam rollers. Top rated tennis bags can be categorized according to their sizes, namely:

3-Pack: This is most commonly used when you are not required to carry a heavy load with yourself other than a maximum of three tennis racquets in your bag. This triple or 3- pack bag is around 3 inches in width and can be used to store other extra items such as your phone and keys as well. Sometimes, it comes with external zipper compartments as well. It has the minimal carrying capacity among all the types of tennis bags and may be the best option to buy for your kids.

6-Pack: This variant is almost twice the size of the triple tennis racquet bag, and ideal for players who prefer more space in their sports bags. It comes with 2 compartments, each having an approximate width of 3 inches. You can either use this bag to store up to 6 racquets at a time, or use one compartment for racquets and the other for any extra amenities such as clothes, drinks or food. Other than the allocation for an extra compartment, this bag is not very different from the triple pack bag.

8-Pack, 9-Pack & 10-Pack: These are usually preferred by players who participate in tournaments. They often feature thermoguard insulation, which is used to protect your equipment from the harsh weather conditions. The pockets adjoining the compartments are moisture proof, which ensures that any wet items such as towels or sweaty clothes don’t affect the contents of the inner compartments. They can hold 8 to 10 racquets at a time, in addition to extra compartments for storing shoes and the like. These bags come with a backpack string for better access. Sometimes, these strings come as detachable sling straps that are padded, that make these bags more comfortable to carry around. If preferred, the padded handles are otherwise a better option for some people to transport the bag more easily.

12-Pack: This is commonly known as the super combi or supersix bag, which offers wider compartments and a much greater carrying capacity. It has ample storage capability, and up to 4 racquets can be stored in a single compartment. It features the thermoguard technology, which employs an insulating lining technology to protect the bag’s strings and effects of moisture from external factors. It is designed for tournament travel and has a provision for backpack straps. It is one of the top picks because of the great versatility it offers by keeping your equipment organized and protected at the same time.

15-Pack: As you might already know, this is the bag with the maximum capacity among all the tennis bags. Despite having the shape of a duffle bag, it is widely used for tournament travels due to its large capacity. It encompasses all the features of the 12 pack bag, and differs only by size. Due its high demand, the 15 pack bag comes in a greater range of designs, with all of its pockets thoughtfully laid out in or next to the compartments. Some of these bags come with golf-bag style stand up legs.


Different Types Of Tennis Bags

Tennis Backpacks

These variants definitely make a statement. You can carry your racquets with their heads covered, and the handles peeking out, giving you an extra sporty look. The shoulder bags are one of the easiest to carry around due to the double padded straps, which give an added extra comfort. The bags are usually accompanied with an extra front zipper, for lugging extra items such as tennis balls or drinks. Despite the ease of use, the  tennis backpacks are often used for accommodating only up to two racquets at a time.

Shoulder Tote

These bags come in a large variety of designs, especially meant for women. Women can either go for a prettier look, like the bags from the ‘court couture’, or opt for the sportier one, from other brands such as ‘Wilson’ or ‘Maggie Mather’. These bags, having the provision for carrying only on one shoulder, or on one side only, are usually used for transporting amenities of little weight. Hence, they are not so popular for a heavy duty usage, such as tournament travels.

Tournament Bag

The tournament bags come in a lot of varieties. Designed exclusively for tournament travel, these bags are usually bulkier, but more spacious than the shoulder tote and backpack bags. They are sometimes accompanied by trolley wheels for effortless transportation. The bag is considered to be lightweight, and can be lugged over your shoulder. It is made of light materials such as nylon or plastic, instead of heavy materials like leather that could add strain while walking. You can neatly arrange your things in the different compartments provided, which facilitates quicker access.

Duffel Bag

The duffel bag has two shorter straps, and usually has a long strap as well. This provides for more ways of transporting it, since the bag can either be carried on the shoulder or carried by hand. This variant is more popular among men owing to its bulky nature. Moreover, the duffel bag is more flexible and easy to clean. It can also be placed in a standing position, due to the flat surfaces on either side of the bag.

Shoe Bag

The shoe bag is usually available as a cloth bag, which is provisioned with an adjustable string. With just enough space for shoe storage, the bag is compact and easy to transport. Sometimes, it can be attached to the tennis bag, or kept inside it. Either way, the material of the bag ensures that the perfect tennis shoes are not affected by any external factors such as heat or moisture. The shoe bag also comes in backpack and padded string styles for an easier access.

Bag With Wheels

Whether you are an enthusiastic tennis player or a tournament professional, there is surely a tennis bag in the market to suit your unique style. The bag is as important as the gear you are going to carry in it. Rolling tennis bags or bags with wheels are great for players who take their racquet bags with them on long trips. These are not average tennis bags as they can store up to 12 racquets or more with ample storage space for other tennis accessories as well. They usually come with a smooth wheeling motion and a telescopic handle and are easy to transport. Additionally, firm carrier straps provide versatility when either the wheels might not work or you might need to lift the bag.

Different Types Of Best Tennis Bags Reviews - Tennis Bags Reviews


Men’s Tennis Bags

Tennis bag is one of the most vital sports equipment for any tennis player, for the simple fact that it is the one that is used to carry and safeguard all the other equipment. Sports professionals today spend a lot on equipment, hence protecting these becomes critical. When you are shopping for a tennis bag, you need to keep three main components in mind-Style, Function, and Fashion.

Although each player would like to choose a bag that suits his or her personality and liking; there is also a clear distinction between bags for male players and those for females. And it is not just the resemblance of pink color being involved in the styling; there are in fact, a few technical differences.

Men’s tennis game involves equipment that is larger in size and heavier in weight. This requires sturdier bags that are capable of bearing the additional weight and size. In addition, since men’s tennis shoes are wider, needing some extra width in the bag to give an overall balance in carrying the same is required. Also, the men’s game involves more sets per match which call for extra balls. Hence, bag should have a sufficient storage space to accommodate the same.


Kids Tennis Bags

Tennis is a sport through which the child can find his inner champion and express his individuality on the court. It is a game that can be played throughout life.  Hence, it is important for the kids learning tennis to spend more time playing and less time struggling with their gear and clothing. Kids’ racquet’s size depends on their height and of course, it is smaller than the adult ones.  It ranges from 19 to 26 inches for players between 2 and 12 years old. An ideal tennis bag for kids will be the one which is rightly sized and can store most of the things that they will need for the court along their racquets.  Some of the necessities that they would need to carry in their bag will be a water bottle to stay hydrated, a tennis hat to protect them from the sun, and a tennis towel to keep them dry after so much of sweating while playing.

Tennis bags for kids come in different colors, styles, and designs. They can be tote bags, backpacks or even regular duffle bags. Most of them have organizational sections to keep the equipment and accessories safe with large accessory pocket and ample storage space for other personal items.


Women’s Tennis Bags

Even though Agnieszka Radwanska plays her matches in a stylish Lotto Victoria tennis dress, yet she carries her gear from one game to another in a Blue and Black Babolat Monstercombi.

Women have made a vivid impression on the fashion scene of tennis. Fluorescent and flashy skirts, outrageous dresses, and bright pink high-tech tennis shoes have all created waves on the reputed tennis circuits. With so much style flashing on the tennis courts, why should they still use large over-sized tennis bag for men? Apart from considering the components of storage, protection, and durability, women have also started looking out for two other important components- brand and style, when choosing a good quality tennis bag.

Whether it’s a tennis bag or a tennis tote bag, there are many different styles and designs to choose from. Bold and bright colors and Swarovski crystals combine luxury with functionality. Stylish and branded women tennis bags have flooded the market. Maggie Mather, Cortiglia, 40 Love Courture, Court Couture are all different and unique in their features but same when it comes to turning heads on the tennis court. There are also sleek and gender-neutral tennis bags like Wilson. The style of your tennis bag could make an everlasting first impression on your competitor. So if you pick the right bag now, it could last you for quite some time. You can also look the beautiful women handbags for your parties and outings at top10bestpro & read the product reviews.


What Brand Would You Prefer?

With so many brands occupying the tennis market, Wilson, Babolat, and Head are the top three brands ruling the world of tennis. Wilson racquets are very versatile and allow for a lot of power and touch. It allows its players to take their game to the next level. Babolat racquets provide more balance and a strong spin, power, and control. They are also great to serve with. Head offers lightweight racquets with a good grip that makes your play better. They provide good control, maneuverability, and spin. Tennis is an excellent sport which can be enjoyed by people of all age. But to increase the fun quotient one should find the brand that suits their age and style of playing.

Best Tennis Bags Reviews

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Features To Look In A Perfect Tennis Racquet Bag

How Much Storage Do You Want?

Storage capacity is one of the vital aspects while choosing a tennis bag. If you are a casual player who has two or three racquets, then a three-pack tennis bag would be the best for you. Choosing a perfect tennis bag with the storage capacity that suits your requirement is influenced by various factors like the size of the racquets and gear, number of racquets you carry to the course, etc. For professional players who like to carry seven to eight racquets, a six-pack tennis bag will meet the expectations. The most preferred tennis bag for advanced players is the 15-pack tennis bag; it has attractive features and is the best in terms of quality.

Compact Design

It may be hard to believe that the user can carry good number of racquets, towels, drinks and other personal belongings in a compact sized tennis bag. Tennis bags feature Thermal Guard Technology and moisture protective sack to take the best care of tennis gear and other things inside the bags. A player can store his/her wet clothes in the moisture protective sack after a challenging game. It is designed to keep remaining gears inside the bag dry and safe. Thermal Guard Technology runs through the bag in the form of an inner lining to protect your racquet from severe weather conditions.


A senior player may be required to travel across the globe, so it is essential to choose the cool tennis bags with wheels. Most of the bags for professional players have padded shoulder to keep your hands free and allow easy transport. The straps and handle should be well-designed to offer the user maximum comfort during transit. Portability of a bag is an important factor that allows easy trip while keeping the things inside the bag well-organized.  It is also equally essential that racquets, tennis balls and other valuables are not damaged during transport. A player can go for a bag with a single strap or carrying handle that is said to make the bag handy.


Lightweight tennis bags helps a player stay prepared for the game as much energy is not wasted while taking it to the course. So, it can be rightly said that it affects the performance of a player.  The user can carry items required for the game even in a compact tennis bag; these bags are lightweight and can ease transport to and from the tennis court. Even larger tennis bags have wheels attached at the bottom of the bag to give the user a lightweight feel. The materials used for manufacturing the bag make it light in weight. With a lightweight tennis bag made from a good quality of material, a player’s performance is sure to improve.


Buying larger bag that you don’t need or can’t carry seems to be a sort of trouble for players, but if you are a serious player, then you might need to travel internationally. While travelling internationally a player has to carry most of the tennis gears.  Wheels are attached to larger tennis bags to offer you east transport. Single body straps and carry handle make it even more comfortable. Bags like Backpacks and Shoulder tots are compact in size, so a player may not be able to fit everything inside the bag, but the comfort that this bags offer is matchless.

Durable Versatile

These tennis bags come in different shapes and qualities and are built to last. The style of the tennis bags are available in various sizes, storage capacities and designs. Backpacks offer the least carrying capacity, but are good when the frequency of the game is less. Shoulder totes have shoulder straps and are more stylish. A player’s racquets and tennis gear can remain organized inside these stylish bags and add to your style statement in the tennis court. It keeps a player’s tennis gear organized due to its versatility. The storage capacity, the compact design, the comfort offered by it and its durability make it a versatile one.


Most of the tennis bags now-a-days feature climate control technology to keep tennis gear and racquets protected. These climate control technology keeps the essence of your racquets intact. There is a moisture protective compartment to store your wet towel so as to keep other tennis gear dry. An inner lining with thermal guard technology fights against harsh climatic conditions to preserve the strings of the racquets. Professional tennis bags are well-built and features like padded shoulder straps, carry handles make them look grand. Durable materials are used to make these bags and this durability make it a preferred choice of players.

Padded Shoulder Straps

The straps of the shoulders are padded to offer a user extra comfort. It relieves you from shoulder and hand pain. The padded foam provides ventilation to keep off excess heat that causes sweating making you feel lighter and comfortable. Padded shoulder straps are known to provide comfort while carrying as it is usually made of “climacool technology” that keeps the user’s shoulder ventilated and dry. Though the shoulder straps are padded, it effectively keeps off sweating due to “climacool technology”. Padded shoulder straps are usually available in almost all tennis bags; it is important that a tennis bag has padded shoulders.

Carry Handle

Carry handle is one of the essential features of a comfortable tennis bag. Some tennis bags like Tournament bags don’t have backpack straps, but have carry handle to ease transport thought there is a shoulder strap. Padded carry handle are usually boasted in tennis bags to ease transport. It allows easy and quick gripping.  The user can drag the tennis bag by the grip if he/she feels difficulty in carrying it. Carry handles are usually essential for bigger tennis bags with wheels. It may not be easy for a player to carry heavy bags on their back after a tiresome round of game. So, a carry handle affixed on a large sized tennis bag makes it handy.

Price Range

Price range of the bag is also an important factor to be taken into consideration. The price of a tennis bag varies according to its size and quality. A beginner can go for three-pack tennis bag that will suit his/her needs. Tennis bags come in a varied price range to meet the need of different types of players. The price range of a good tennis bags varies from $20 to $150. For a professional who plays on international level, it becomes necessary to carry larger tennis bags that are quite expensive.  Rest assured of the quality of these larger bags and the price is absolutely worth it!


Perfect tennis bag features exterior racquet pockets and water resistant designs. Most of the golf bags have shoulder straps, but some bags have back straps that allow players to tote tennis gear and racquets with utmost comfort. These bags in attractive colors and designs are a good choice equally for both beginners and advanced players. Separate moisture lock compartments, optional padded back straps and its availability in various storage capacities credit the bags of being fashionable.

Shoulder tots facilitate carrying your racquets and gears and add style to your personality. Players have the option of selecting bags according to their level of play and the quantity tennis gear and other items they want to carry to the course. It comes in different sizes and storage capacities to suit the need of every kind of player.


Benefits Of The Best Tennis Racquet Bags

Tennis bag comes with a variety of styles, sizes, colors, and shapes. The price of the bag varies according to quality and size. A properly equipped tennis bag always keeps you ready for a demanding round of game. There are some worthwhile benefits of selecting a top-ranked tennis bag. Some of them are as under:

  • Tennis bags are fashionable and add to your personality. Whether a player carries it on shoulder or drags it by the carry handle, it is charming and makes a style statement.
  • Its striking colors can also draw people’s attention when a player walks across the tennis course. The joyous colors are certain to make the use look more charming.
  • It comes in various sizes so that the players can choose bags according to the frequency of the game and their level of interest in the game. Smaller bags usually have single straps or padded backpack straps. Large sized tennis bags have wheels affixed at the bottom to facilitate transport.
  • Best tennis racquets bags have advanced features that keep your racquets and, tennis gear and other things inside the bags protected and organized. With the best tennis racquets a player is always at an advantage of concentrating on the game.
  • Tennis bags are created with great care to keep your racquets and tennis gears protected from severe climatic conditions. Thermal Guard Technology keeps the strings of the racquets in perfect condition. A separate moisture guard compartment keeps other tennis gear dry.
  • Users are not fatigued by the best tennis bags. The design of these bags has been given a thoughtful consideration. The shoulder and body straps as well as carry handles are featured in the bags to keep players energetic during the play.

Tennis bags usually feature padded shoulder straps and carry handles that makes the carrying of the bag easier. Carry handles are attached in large tennis bags that have wheels below. The wheels can be kept rolling when a player drags the bag by the handle. A player does not have to feel the weight of the large bag.

Best tennis bags are a perfect value for money. It is made of the best material that makes it durable, comfortable and lightweight. It is available in various sizes and price range to meet the requirements of players of different level. These perfect bags are available for beginners and professionals with all the necessary features. With the best tennis bags players are always going to be enthusiastic during the play.

With multiple benefits, a player is always at an advantage of being open to opportunities. A player can make the optimum use of an opportunity when it strikes.  You can carry towels, wrist belts, headgear, water bottle, sunglasses, first-aid equipments, snacks, etc in different compartments inside the bag. Carrying headgear will help keep sweat off your eyes. A set of first-aid equipment will help you sustain injuries. You will definitely be prepared to deliver your best performance with a tennis bag that can store all these.



Choosing the best tennis bag to suit a player’s requirements will keep you relaxed while carrying it. The handiness of the bag will not cause fatigue. The quality of these bags has been continuously improving; the insulated lining and the water resistance ability help a player to focus on the game. The adjustability of the shoulder and body straps, advanced technologies like moisture lock compartments, thermal control technology that keeps racquets protected in severe weather conditions and “climacool Technology” makes it a versatile tennis bag and a preferred choice. A tennis bag that suits the player’s requirements will help a player focus on the game and deliver outstanding performance.

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How to Equip Your Tennis Bag