Babolat Pure Drive (6-Pack) Tennis Bag Review

Babolat Pure Drive 6 Bag is a medium-sized racquet bag that combines high-tech design with latest features. It has two different compartments, a capacity to hold up to six racquets, padded frame for additional protection of racquets, good space for clothes and other accessories, and Isothermal pocket with Foam-Padded Ergonomic handle for easier carrying.

Bag Material & Bag Design

Stylishly designed and made with a durable Polyurethane material, this product has multiple features and enough sections to store almost everything you might need on the tennis court. There are two large compartments for storing racquets, with one of them being lined with Isothermal protection, two mid-size compartments; one of them having ventilation feature, size zippered accessory pocket, a customizable bag tag, three quick grab handles, ergonomically designed shoulder straps and swing buckles that allow it to be used as backpack as well. It is available in Blue, Black, White and Silver colors.

Babolat Pure Drive (6-Pack) Tennis Bag Review - Best Tennis Bags Reviews

How Many Racquets Can Be Stored

There are two large racquet compartments in this bag. One of them is lined with Isothermal, a lining that protects the equipment from extreme temperatures. It also protects the racquets from string tension loss. The bag can hold up to six racquets.

Storage Space

Built with sufficient storage space, Babolat Pure Drive 6 Pack Tennis Bag measures 32x14x11 inches. It has two large pockets to store racquets. There are three middle pockets stacked on top of each other and they can be accessed from the middle of the bag. This helps in keeping your things organized. It has a ventilated pocket in which one can keep their dirty clothes or shoes. There is a side zippered accessory pocket in which you can keep additional balls and other tennis accessories. It also has an organizer to keep personal items.

Lightweight & Comfortable To Carry

Babolat Pure Drive 6 Pack Racquet Bag is lightweight and easy to carry. It has a shipping weight of 2.7 pounds and measures 32x14x11 inches (L*H*W). The bag is ergonomically designed. It has adjustable and padded shoulder straps along with the swing buckles that allow the user to use it as a backpack. It also has three quick grab handles. With all these features that ensure maximum protection of equipment and high versatility, one does not feel tired carrying it even after rigorous rounds of the game. This bag is ideal for advanced tennis players who like to stay organized and are looking for a light weight  tennis bag.

  • It is a good size bag and has ample storage space for warms ups, towels, balls, tape etc.
  • The zipper pockets are strategically placed and can hold many items.
  • If someone is carrying a lesser number of racquets, the insulated lined compartment can be used for carrying snack and drinks to the court.
  • It is well-constructed and very durable.

  • Some people found it bit difficult to put all six racquets but most of them were happy with the storage space.

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