Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Racquet Holder Bag Review

This BABOLAT Pure Aero Tennis Racquet Holder Bag Yellow has all the functions which are necessary to ensure best possible resource fulness and equipment protection. It is designed with a whole host of features and space to carry your belongings like shoes, clothes and other necessary equipment. It has ventilated compartments to carry clothes and isothermal pockets which prevent string tension loss. Besides this, they look perfectly excellent for a longer period of time.

Bag Material & Bag Design

The bag is made up of 100 {edf68b4b0c937ae74ebeb613022ae43cb4f3d401736a63ffed5838f1f17f2b55} polyester material which is completely reliable. The material makes is durable and it last for a fairly large number of years. The adjustable shoulder strap present therein consists of foam padding. The padded frame is incorporated to protect your material in the best possible way. There is an ergonomic handle so as to carry the bag comfortably. The rotating buckle is fitted to spin around for adjusting the strap while carrying the bag.

Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Racquet Holder Bag Yellow 12, 9, 6, 3 Review - Best Tennis Bags

How Many Rackets Can Be Stored?

The BABOLAT Pure Aero tennis Racquet Holder Bag consists of two huge compartments for keeping your racquets. One of them is designed with Isothermal protection and has the capacity to hold up to six racquets in total. Additionally, there are three middle compartments which are stacked each on top of the other, one of which is ventilated to create more space.

Storage Space

Apart from the huge compartments, there is an accessory side zippered pocket where you can store your other equipment and accessories. The adjustable padded shoulder straps fitted with swing buckles makes it possible to use them as backspace straps simply, on both the bottom and top of the bag. Not only it is suitable for you because of the space it is offering, but it also makes you feel satisfied for its amazing looks. The product is available in Black/Fluoro Yellow colour.  In all, it has ample storage space to keep you calm as it meets all your requirements. Apart from this you can check the storage space of other tennis bags also which fits into your requirements.

Lightweight & Comfortable To Carry

This bag is very lightweight and is not as big as you might have imagined. You can conveniently carry more than enough racquets at a time along with towels, accessories and clothing and yet not feel as heavy as it could have been the case.

  • You can carry three racquets on each side.
  • It looks great and if you do not have too much stuff, it can be a perfect option for you.
  • The bag looks flamboyantly great and it has the capability to hold all your tennis gears.
  • It has plenty of space for holding everything and has separated pockets for all purposes and also the amazing quality of the material it is made from makes it one of the most preferred choices of most players.

  • You cannot put any extra racquet in the central portion as it isn’t large enough and is divided into two parts.

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