Babolat Club Line X6 Racquet Holder Bag Review

Babolat club line x6 racquet holder bag has one shoulder strap and one-hand strap that make it matchless. The product is available in attractive colors and there is enough space to store racquets along with other valuables. The user can store items, like wrist belts, hair bands, etc. in the small front pocket. It is light in weight, comfortable and is available at an affordable price.

Bag Material & Bag Design

Babolat Club Line X6 Racquet Holder Yellow looks great. The bag has been designed to offer comfort the single hand strap and the single shoulder strap ease the mobility of the bag. The material used in making the babolat club line 6 racquet bag is good and it keeps the stuff and other valuables dry during rainy days although the outer side of the bag might get wet. The bag is pretty looking and is a good value for the money. Things can be comfortably fitted in the bag. There are many other brands offering their best tennis bags but club line x6 by babolat contains advance features among of the other bags.

Best Babolat Club Line X6 Tennis Racquet Holder Bag

How Many Rackets Can Be Stored?

There is enough space on both sides to store three racquets, but a user can store four racquets to the maximum. Though it is designed to store six rackets, but carrying six rackets will eventually jam the bag and make it bumpy if the user puts other things and valuables. It offers good racquet storage, but for that the user has to compromise on other items.

Storage Space

There are smaller compartments in front of the babolat tennis bags to store items like key, wallets etc. There is enough space for rackets and other items. There is one pocket that is zipped where you can fix things like water bottle, tennis balls etc. The storage capacity is large enough to store shoes, clothes for changing and water bottle and racquets. Though the bag is said to hold six racquets, but it can store three to four rackets easily. Everything the user wants to carry may not be stored in the bag, but this is a perfect bag for a minimalist.

Lightweight & Comfortable To Carry

It has single hand strap and a single shoulder strap. The material used in this 6 racquet tennis bag is not heavy, therefore the bag is lightweight. It has space on both the sides to store racquets and other items that are required during the game. The user can carry the bag by the handle or the shoulder strap. This bag is a unique one as it can store all the required equipments and offer handiness at the same time. The buyer will also be pleased to know that the shipping of the product takes place quickly. In a nutshell, this is a nice racquet bag. There are some other best tennis bags which you can take a look.

  • It comes with options in colors like red, blue, pink and black/yellow. There is enough space to store racquets, balls, towels and water bottles.
  • The product features single hand strap and single shoulder strap to provide the user the best comfort while carrying the bag.
  • The bag is a good value for money. The things inside the babolat 6 racket bag remain dry even if the outer part gets wet.
  • The looks of the bag is pretty and the contrasting colors used make it even sharper in looks.

  • There is one main compartment which holds all the items, so it is likely that things get intermingled with each other.

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