Advanced Tennis Skills And Techniques

Have you ever contemplated playing tennis, and if you already are, do you look forward to improving? We will talk about the advanced tennis skills and techniques you require for mastering tennis.

Net Playing: Stand several feet away from the dividing net while waiting for your double partner to serve. While waiting for the ball from the opponent side, the continental grip must be used and this means that the tennis racket must be held by its handle whilst bending your elbow away from the body while the head of the racket is up.

Net Charging: The baseline must be left and the net charged while making your opponent to run towards a corner. This should be done because your opponent has a high likelihood of softly hitting the ball and you are required to be positioned next to the net to ensure you are capable of cutting the ball-off and putting it away. After coming to the decision of charging the net, you should keep on coming and refrain from going back.

advanced tennis skills and techniques | Tennis Rackets

Swinging: It is important to note that advanced tennis skills and techniques requires one to take a swing in a bid of hitting the ball either on ones backhand or forehand side. Hitting the best backhand or forehand is a great techniques to learn first. Your tennis racket must be raised over the head while equally bringing the head of the racket towards the ground before bringing the head of the racket towards your shoulder. This should be followed so as to take a better hit.

Making Contact: It is essential advanced tennis skills and techniques for one to make contact by approximating the ball’s speed so as to meet it at the appropriate spot. You have no intention of meeting the ball the entire way in your front and neither do you want the ball to go past you or jam you. It is important for the ball to be met with a complete extension of the arm at a northeastern angle.

Lobbing: After your opponent has rushed the net and hit the ball towards you, attempt getting the ball over the head of the opponent. If you manage to get the head of the racket beneath the ball, you should proceed by lifting it using adequate force to a point where the head of the racket arrives between a flat point and a point where it is straight over the head. In advanced tennis skills and techniques the ball can be hit over the head of your opponent while the ball is not necessarily hit beyond the baseline.

Slicing: It is important that the ball be sliced when intending to throw the opponent’s timing off or give him a shallow shot. For the ball to be sliced, the racket should be raised above the ball, brought down on the ball’s side and yanked under it.

Drop Shots: Dropping the ball above the net is a favorable idea especially when you get close and you haven wish of hitting the ball beyond bounds by using excessive force when hitting it. A drop shot may be hit by bringing the head of your racket beneath the ball and coming up lightly on the side.

Serving: For successful serving, you will be required to lean forward before the ball is tossed up high with the racket being held up already and brought down towards the ball before it can drop too low. It is advisable to note that while playing advanced tennis skills and techniques foot fault may avoid being made by ensuring that your foot is not lifted beyond the baseline.

We hope with all the above tips now you got how to play tennis like a pro player. Also read other tips on playing tennis better.

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